Gaining New Interests Through Running

Another week down! I definitely did not get as much accomplished school-wise this week as I wanted, but that’s okay because I crushed my workouts this week.

(For the record, the assignments that I haven’t finished yet aren’t due until Monday at the earliest so I still have some time to finish those up).

This Week’s Workouts

On Tuesday, I attended my workout class as usual. I was exhausted after the workout, so I must’ve worked pretty hard.

On Wednesday, I ran a total of two miles, with a few walking breaks thrown in. To break it down, I started off by running one mile. Then I walked a curve on the track, followed by running another half mile, and then walking a curve and a straight. I finished with running a final half mile and then I walked two laps. I only meant to walk one lap, but then a good song came on so I kept walking until it was over. In total, I covered about two and a half miles.

On Thursday, I attended the workout class, again. After finishing my third week of this workout class it is truly amazing to see how far I’ve come. At the first class I could barely push the sled out. On Thursday not only did I push the sled out, but I was able to push it all the way back while pushing it from the bottom. For those of you who do not attend this workout class, or are unaware of what a sled is, pushing it from the bottom is much more difficult than pushing it from the top. A week ago, I couldn’t even move the sled from the bottom, but on Thursday I was able to push it almost 20 yards!

Then, today, after my five hour drive home, I brought all of my stuff inside, changed clothes, and ran two miles on the treadmill. After sitting in a care for five hours, running on the treadmill felt almost as good as it did to be home.

New Interests

I’m really starting to like this whole working out thing though. I’ve even started listening to a podcast about running.

Wait…who am I? I honestly used to tease my boyfriend for listening to podcasts, and now I’m obsessed with one too. It’s fine… I’m fine….

The podcast that I’m referring to is the Ali on the Run Show. If you’re even a little interested in running, you need to check it out. I’ve only listed to a couple of episodes, but I love her show. I even downloaded some episodes for my five hour road trip home.

I’m also following her on Instagram and Twitter, so I’m really just an all-around fan now. In addition to following her, I’ve also also started following some of the people that she’s interviewed. This is adding a lot more running and workout motivation on my social media feeds, which so far, I’ve found very encouraging.

Weekly Wrap-up

Well, I’m super excited to have crushed my fitness goals for this week. Hopefully I have even more good news when I give you an update on my journey next week.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog. I appreciate your support tremendously. As always, you can expect weekly updates from me here. To get the first notification of when I post, sign up for email notifications by clicking on the “Follow” button on the lower right corner of the screen. I also post blog updates on my Instagram @myrunningstart so please keep up with me there as well.

Until next week, I’ll be working on my fitness goals – and finishing my homework.

Week 4:  
Miles run this week: 4.5
Miles run total: 6.5
Overall mood: Feeling good!!

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